Rocky Mountain Deaf

Rocky Mountain Deaf Theatre exists to serve and support the art of American Sign Language on the stage, to promote the richness and variety of the art form in its fullest expression, to advance the public interest in, and appreciation of the allied arts in theater with Deaf and Hearing actors. Rocky Mountain Deaf Theatre programs embrace the entire spectrum of movement styles and traditions in hands with voices, from the time honored to the untried, and are designed to encourage, sustain, and educate a diverse audience.

Deaf people in the rocky mountain west including Colorado,Wyoming, and eastern Kansas and Nebraska have few options for live theater entertainment. Imagine going to a foreign film with sub-titles at the bottom of the screen. But this time, those subtitles are not in front of you – they’re projected on the wall to your right.

You have to turn your head away from the picture to read the dialogue. Frustrating, right?  That’s what many Deaf theatre patrons experience when they attend live theatre with sign language interpreters placed off to the side of the stage.

They can see the dialogue, or they can watch the action on stage – but they can’t usually see both (even in special seating sections).  The small theaters in town do not offer translation services for the Deaf.  Shows at the Performing Arts complex offer translation services for certain shows but as noted above, it is a frustrating experience.

In addition, we play a supportive role within the theater community by promoting full access to deaf audiences. We often offer sign language theater experts to work with companies around the U.S. to provide hands-on assistance for their productions.